Women’s Auntie Costume


This Adult Auntie Costume takes you back to the turn-of-the-20th-century Kansas setting of the original Wizard of Oz book by L. Frank Baum!

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Auntie UprisingWhile everyone else is running off via tornado or hot air balloon to the strange world of Oz, just beyond the rainbow’s edge, some of us still have to remain here on regular Earth, dealing with the normal struggles of day to day living. Now, whoever is making the choices about who gets to go where through mystical journeys needs to start being a little more fair with the adventure wand. It’s rough being a normal person… a supporting cast member in someone else’s grand journey of self-identification in a world of magical and quizzical folks.Details and DesignTransport yourself back to a time in a typical Kansas farm and make sure that your niece knows that any incoming tornado activity bound for magical lands is coming for you this time. This seemingly simple cotton floral print calico dress with white broadcloth apron might look commonplace, but under the matching bonnet hides a person of dignity and strength! Of adventure and accomplishment! It is time for a brand new rainbow road, this time featuring Auntie!Protest on the PrairieIt’s time for the Auntie Ems of this world to shine. Supporting cast hold the protagonist up! They make it even possible for anyone to know that these exploratory youth even exist. Without us, there would be no story to tell! No reason for lasses to sing about dreaming of a faraway land of magic or worry about what’s happening to their cute dogs. Those kids should be busy peeling potatoes. It is time for a strike! What do we want!? Adventure and spotlights! When do we want it!? Now! So fasten those bonnet strings, it’s time to put Kansas on the map, once and for all. You’ll teach ’em to film your beautiful farm in black and white!

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