Women’s Voodoo Dolly Costume


You will look like a doll, but not a typical one in this scary and creepy Women’s Voodoo Dolly Costume! With a hodgepodge look of many different pieces and the classic stitched look, this costume is a must-have!

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Playing Into the PowerClients of Miss Leo are seeking something deeper. They might have first shown up at her shop just to get their cards read. Maybe Miss Leo has sorts of amazing insights into stranger’s lives. She can sure glean a lot of information from one reading. She told old Mrs. Richards about her dog’s heart condition before Marshmellow was even showing any symptoms. She let Ollie Sanders know that he was about to inherit his uncle’s old Mercedes but the wheel bearings needed to be changed before he drove it anywhere. Ollie ignored this advice and wrecked that car two days after he got it! With all that power, people inevitably turn to her for stronger magic when times are tough. There are a few hits of course. The amulets and potions sell just fine. But there are those rare, dire moments every so often when the only thing that’ll do the trick is a good old-fashioned Voodoo doll!Product DetailsWant play into the hands of a Voodoo queen? This costume is charmed with picture-perfect details. The bodice is unique with a ruffled sweetheart neckline, puffed sleeves, and ruching at the breast. Stitches are printed up the side to make the fitted look extra flattering. A layered skirt flares from the waist with tattered material and tulle. You’ll even get the stitch tights to make sure every part of you has that Voodoo touch!Do you do the Voodoo?Are you ready to delve into the power? No need to seek out a talent like Miss Leo. You can dive deep with this ragged Voodoo doll look. There’s no time like Halloween to pick up a brand new creepy flair! Polish off this look with stitch makeup, a ragged doll wig, and a stiff possessed walk and you’ll be ready to go. And hey, if you don’t feel like pursuing Voodoo after one night, you can always put a pin in your plans!

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