Toddler Cave Cutie Costume


It was tough world out there for a caveman. Luckily, you know where all the best candy spots will be in this Toddler Cave Cutie Costume! Who knew that the Stone Age could look this adorable!

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How Did They Do It?There were many, many times when your tot was a baby, that you simply wondered, “how did parents do it in prehistoric times?” Times when your child was crying all night, or refused to eat, and let’s not forget the many joys of teething! Now, we have modern medicine, video baby monitors, and other conveniences. Back then, raising babies must have been a feat of dino proportions!Now your little one is a romping, rollicking toddler, with all the joys of the age. They bound around barefoot, exploring their world at every turn, with their fair share of tantrums, outbursts, and meltdowns along the way. You know what we say — when someone is a bit unreasonable…just put a club in their hands! And that’s just what this Toddler Cave Cutie Costume aims to do. Oh yeah, and it’s also really, really cute. Design & DetailsDon’t worry, it’s not a real club. It’s a stuffed version, and it comes with this exclusive ensemble, which was designed in our very costume studio, where high-end materials and attention to detail are our signatures. Alongside the stuffed “wooden” club, this package comes with the brown and faux-fur tunic, which is styled to look like a long, plain cloth top with an animal pelt placed over it. It’s accented by the belt, which holds a faux bone. Matching faux-fur wrist cuffs complete the look. Well Done, YouSo, why not use Halloween as a way to celebrate the fact that you all made it into toddlerhood? Not to mention, revel in how absolutely adorable your kiddo looks decked out for the Stone Age in this costume. It’s simply precious!

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