Cheerleader Pom Pom & Megaphone – White


Lead the squad in a rousing cheer with this Cheerleader Pom Pom & Megaphone – White Set! A great finishing addition to your cheer costume. Be able to root for your team while wearing this.

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FOR YOUR SPIRIT FINGERSPretending to be a cheerleader is a whole lot easier than actually being a cheerleader, (especially when you have this one convenient accessory kit), but first let’s talk about how hard being a cheerleader is. Cheerleaders lift other athletes into pyramids and then launch them into a basket toss. It’s intense. They’re not only pumping iron at the gym and running around the track, but they’re also learning difficult dance routines and tumbling and flipping on springy blue mats. Cheerleaders are acrobats, dancers, athletes and so much more! Since #cheerlife is so demanding, lots of hard work and dedication are involved, and we understand if you don’t have time for that. Use our costumes and accessories and just pretend that you’re a cheerleader. It’s way easier!        PRODUCT DETAILSThe white megaphone measures approximately 7-inches long and have “Go Team!” written along the side. The matching pom poms have handy plastic grips and attached fringe, perfect for dance routines. RAH RAH READY TO CHEER?The cheerleader red pom pom and megaphone set are all the cheerleader essentials you’ll need, just supply your own team spirit and one of our cheerleader costumes and rah-rah-ramp up the fun!

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