Mermaid Blonde Wig


Become a majestic beauty who lives under the sea! This Mermaid Blonde Wig looks great with any of our sexy mermaid costumes.

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You may have gadgets and gizmos galore but you can’t be a true daughter of Triton until you have the right do! Take a look at this beautiful Mermaid Blond Wig. Its long wavy strands are like the calming waves of the ocean and the luminous color is as radiant as the sun glimmering on a sea shore. With this wig on your head, you’ll have plenty of sailors willing to jump in the deep end, all at the chance to share but a single dance with you.Now don’t limit this wig to only a mermaid costume. No, this wig has much more potential than one transformation. You can wear this wig with your Pirate Queen costume, or a Renaissance Maiden outfit, or even with another mystical creature costume like a fairy! Whatever costume you add this beautiful Mermaid Blond Wig to you can be sure you’ll be the definition of majestic and enchanting!

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