Butterfly Bones Girls Costume


With the perfect blend of mystical and terror, the Girls Butterfly Bones Costume will surely give the neighbors the creeps when you and your little one go door to door this Halloween!

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Dark Heart of the Butterfly GardenThis butterfly sanctuary is home to all kinds of butterflies! The well-known monarchs and swallowtails flutter by happily with their colorful moth friends, but they avoid the shadowy center of the grove, where lurks a much more terrifying variety. It’s whispered that these winged wonders feed in graveyards and only fly when in the dark of the night. Unlike most butterflies, they don’t migrate to warmer climates in October. They’re not necessarily dangerous if they don’t feel threatened, but it’s best to treat them with respect and give them a wide berth!  Product Details Be creepy yet cute in a uniquely awesome Girls Buttefly Bones Costume! The costume’s jumpsuit fastens down the back and is made of soft black jersey knit. The front of the suit is printed with realistic skeleton graphics as well as orange and yellow butterflies. It comes with a set of fabric butterfly wings that feature elastic shoulder straps and finger loops, and display beautifully contasting orange, yellow, black and white colors. A headband decorated with faux butterflies completes your costume. Grimly Gorgeous Are you stuck between choosing a pretty costume and choosing a scary costume for Halloween? Don’t bother choosing, because you can be both! Part of the fun is making up an answer whenever people ask you what kind of butterfly you are. Something like “The Graveyard Glory” or perhaps “The Tiny Terror” both sound pretty cool. It might even encourage everyone to give you extra candy to keep you happy.