Munchkin Coroner Costume


The witch is surely dead and the Munchkin Coroner makes it known. This deluxe costume is perfect for any other costume event.

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Many may not realize this but life isn’t all lollipops and lullabies for the munchkin folk of Oz. With wicked witches and flying monkeys terrorizing the land, sadly, not every story has a happy ending. However, one person’s not so happy ending is another’s business! When you toss on this Munchkin Coroner Costume, you’ll transform into the very villager that declared the Wicked Witch of the East “most sincerely dead”.This fun and somewhat obscure costume will be a perfect conversation starter at any party. Most people only recognize the big names in Oz like Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion, or the Wicked Witch, but you’ll remind them of the wonderful village of Munchkinland! This costume, unlike many of the other munchkin’s outfits, isn’t the most colorful. However, even though you will be dressing up as a native of Oz, you will still be a coroner. It might be a bit creepy if you were dressed up as a colorful coroner… This costume is extremely easy to change into, simply toss on the blue satin robe and top your new look off with the included matching blue hat. If you really want to get into the role then grab a pair of our munchkin shoes and a fake mustache/goatee set! Then you’ll be more than ready to announce the death of the wicked witches to all the fine people at the costume parties you attend.Be sure to carry around a rolled up sheet of paper with you when you wear this Munchkin Coroner costume. That way when you make declarations about death and whatnot, everyone will take you much more seriously.

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