Kid’s Daydreaming Dragon Costume


This Kid’s Daydreaming Dragon Costume is a friendly reminder to not poke a daydreaming dragon. You’ve woken your kid up from a daydream before right? How pleasant was that?

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Whimsical WhilesWhen your child stares out a rain-streaked window, you assume they’re imagining what fun they could be having if the sun were shining instead. When they move the daydreaming from window to toybox, building blocks, or crayons, they prove an entire fairytale is unfolding in their mind. It’s filled with knights and royalty and good witches versus evil warlocks. In the spotlight, though, there’s always a dragon with sparkling scales and curling gusts of glitter, not flames, unfurling from their nostrils.Design & DetailsBring the magic to life for your kiddo when you surprise them with our exclusive Kid’s Daydreaming Dragon Costume! This Made By Us ensemble gives children the starring role in their fairytale with three easy-to-wear pieces. A long-sleeved pullover shirt made of silver fabric starts the spectacular transformation. Next, a carefully sculpted dress is layered over the shirt to give this dreamy dragon its shape. Shining green scale-textured material ensures a magical shimmer while translucent iridescent panels add contrasting detail. A zipper at the side makes getting into the dress fuss-free, while attached wings and a stuffed tail mean there’s no worry of losing key pieces of the dragon’s appearance. Finalize the look with the included dragon horn headband made from matching green scale fabric.More Kid’s Dragon Costume IdeasWhether gearing up for trick-or-treating, a Renaissance festival, or imaginative play, this one-of-a-kind Daydreaming Dragon Costume for kids has your little dreamer covered! Pair with glittering face makeup for a wholly magical transformation they’ll love. Or put together a family look with our other enchanting dragon costumes to make every dress-up memorable!

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