Boys Toad Deluxe Costume


Hey-hey! Become the adorable and cool Toad from the Super Mario universe with our Boys Toad Deluxe Costume!

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So you’re Toad, one of Princess Peach’s most loyal attendants and constantly working on her behalf! That’s really cool of you, to give your whole life over to serving one person. What a way to live! Sure, it’s not like you have a whole lot going on for yourself. You don’t even have your own name! You’re literally just referred to as “Toad”, which is also the name of your entire species, but sometimes that kind of anonymity can be really comforting, yeah? You never have worry about being singled out of the crowd for a crime you didn’t commit, or try and set yourself apart by wearing all black and listening to The Cure. You’re just like every other Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom…same clothes, same hair, same personality, same floating jump, same face! Same, same, SAME!What’s that? What did you say? You don’t actually always love dancing in the corps, and instead want to take a starring role every once in a while?! Huh. We gotta tell you, that’s a pretty unorthodox attitude for a royal attendant. The whole point of your entire existence is to just kind of hang out in the background. Ya know, melt into the scenery and all.But…if you insist, then get ready, because it’s time to take center stage and be the starring protagonist of your own treasure tracking game! And you can start preparing for your star turn with this Boys Toad Deluxe Costume! With the flesh-toned shirt giving the appearance of a nude upper body, the white velour pants, blue vest metallic gold edging, and a stuffed velour hat, you’ll be perfectly suited up to take your place as the character who moved from supporting player to headliner of The Mushroom Kingdom. Ready, set, GO!

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