Women’s 50s Checkered Cutie Costume


Dinner will be on the table shortly! Wear this Women’s 50s Checkered Cutie Costume while you serve your guests and they’ll be impressed.

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Whether you’re boppin’ down to the sock hop (bobby socks not included) or getting dinner ready before hubby gets home, the 50s were nothing if not a great time for women. Relive the fantasy of domestic bliss without worrying your pretty little head about the bills, what he’s doing all day, or what’s going on in the world. Hey, you even get an allowance! Neat! It’s just like being a kid again.Alternative designs to the poodle applique on the skirt included flamingoes, flowers, hot rods and more, but the poodle was the defining icon of 50s teen fashion. Get ready to play Mad Men, Masters of Sex, or even Happy Days in this iconic poodle skirt getup.This costume might be appropriate if you want to relive glory days you missed the first time. Hey, it’s good enough for Sha Na Na, right? Pop a Bo Diddley LP on the turntable and get ready to rock around the clock. Practice your Hula-Hooping. Hang out down at the malt shop. Bang on that old jukebox! See what’s playing at the drive-in. Keep on the look out for Reds! Scope out Make-Out Point. Ask your mom when you’re old enough to get a bikini. Dad doesn’t have to know! Catch Danny Zuko’s heart and fly into the stratosphere without the bad girl makeover in this women’s 50s Checkered Cutie Costume. Don’t get too attached though –– the swingin’ 60s are right around the corner.

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