Trolls Girls Poppy Premium Costume


A world where everyone looks the same, acts the same, and sounds the same? That’s not harmony. Be unique this Halloween with the Trolls Girls Poppy Premium Costume!

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Royally SurprisedDo you have a mini music fan in your home? Does your little one want to spend most of her time dancing and singing? Some kids are simply born for the spotlight. And while it can be a little overwhelming to have a little star lining up impromptu shows throughout the day, you might be delighted to discover that you might actually be housing a troll queen in your home! Yes, it’s been known to happen. Troll traits often skip a generation. Think back, do you have a great aunt with a pointy pink hairdo? It might not be due to a hairdresser gone awry. That just might be the root of your little one’s royal troll traits! Now, we don’t know how you came to have an adorable troll queen on your hands, but now that you’ve recognized your kiddo’s true colors, perhaps it’s time you let her dress up as the musically inclined queen, Poppy.Design & DetailsThis playful Poppy Costume from the movie Trolls has everything you’ll need to let your kiddo become the bright and cheery queen of the trolls! The shift dress is a brilliant blue and has a geometric flower design around the hem. The pink sleeves and flared pants allow your kiddo to take on the pink skin tone of the character. A Treat To Be SweetThis adorable costume is a sure-fire way to have a sweet Halloween. And while we strongly suggest that your kiddo doesn’t use gumdrops as earplugs, a great mound of candy will go great with your kids sweet costume. Pair this with any of are Troll costumes from Branch to Guy Diamond and even DJ Suki. We just have one more warning, little Poppy might just insist on an impromptu little dance number so keep your kicks on tight! You can’t say no to a queen!

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