Boy’s Noble Kindhearted King Costume


Your child can be the ruler of them all with this Boy’s Noble Kindhearted King Costume. This costume is the perfect choice for any young aspiring royalty this Halloween.

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Come Reign Or ShineYour child is a die-hard Halloween celebrant. They will be out in the neighborhood trick-or-treating from the moment the first bucket of candy makes its appearance until the very last porch light flickers out, regardless of the weather. It seems they think of themselves as King of Halloween itself, presiding over the festivities and ensuring the whole town takes the celebration seriously. And don’t even get them started on the costume parade. It’s the best!It seems your child may take kindly to this Kid’s Noble Kindhearted King Costume, then! It’s both festive and royal, a full costume that will give your child confidence to lead by example this holiday. Of course, you’ll want to keep your kiddo’s kingdom small and their royal decrees reasonable. You don’t want all that power going to their head. This is a “noble” king costume, after all. Design & DetailsThe first step to stepping into their new royal role this Halloween is to secure a coat fit for…well…a king! This costume’s got it, with a luxurious crushed crimson velvet robe with faux fur trim. The blue mock-collar tunic features an embroidered strip down the center, and the black belt ties the whole look together. Top your little king in a crown (of course!) and be prepared to be amazed by the magnanimous way in which they rule over your neighborhood’s Halloween festivities. Castle ControlYou realize that living with a little king under your roof makes your house their palace. But don’t worry, you still rule that domain. Just make sure you have your own royal costume at the ready, and stress the “kindhearted” part of this costume. 

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