Wonderland Magic Cat Women’s Costume


You won’t be invisible when you walk in to your next Halloween party wearing this Wonderland Magic Cat Women’s Costume! This costume features a pink and purple striped hooded dress and attached tail.

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Grinning from Ear to EarIf Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat is famous for anything, it’s for his wide, wide grin. No matter what version of Alice in Wonderland you watch, the magical feline is always sporting an impossibly huge smile. His colorful stripes are noticeable, and the varying levels of magic he seems to possess are also impressive. But it’s that eternal smile that sticks in viewer’s minds. Are you looking to get smiley this Halloween? Then you’re in luck! Slip into this cute and flattering Wonderland Magic Cat Women’s Costume and get ready to grin all night. Product DetailsThis Cheshire Cat costume is based off of the classic Alice and Wonderland, Disney’s 1951 cartoon film. Everything is purple and pink, just like his design in the movie. The silky, velvet dress is tailored with elbow length sleeves, a deep v-neck, and a mid-thigh length hem. The hems of the arms, bottom, and neckline all feature thick, pink and purple faux fur. The dress’s v-neck continues into a full on hood, which is also trimmed in faux fur and sports two very fluffy ears. And yes, there is a tail! It is slim and ends in a large pouf, which is decorated with a purple bow. Hands and feet are not forgotton, either! Fingerless gloves make the hands part of the theme without getting in the way, while the fabric boot covers mean that any color or style of shoe will work with this outfit. Fasten the ribbon choker around your neck, and the Cheshire Cat is ready to party!Step into Your WonderlandIn this magical Cheshire Cat costume, any party becomes a magical, whimsical event. So whether you’re headed to an Alice in Wonderland party or a general costume event, get ready to smile. All eyes are on you!

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