Kids Smoldering Reaper Costume


Have your child looking extra grim and scary when you get them this Kids Smoldering Reaper Costume. This Kids Smoldering Reaper Costume features a red colored, light up skeleton chest creating a smoldering look.

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Reap the RewardsSome kids are afraid of scary stuff. That’s understandable. Scary stuff is…well…pretty terrifying. Zombies and ghosts and vampires and skeletons—Halloween is not for the faint of heart. But your child has been a fright fan since they arrived in this world! Even as a very tiny infant, your baby giggled when you’d sneak up on them and scare them in their crib. They wanted to go into haunted houses as a young toddler, and the only rule they seemingly had in life was “the scarier the better.” NOTHING scares them—not a midnight viewing of The Shining, not a bunch of clowns (shudder). That’s why we think they’re ready for this Kid’s Smoldering Reaper Costume. Crafted to be totally terrifying, this look is not for the casual Halloween fan. Only serious appreciators of the darkest arts will find this look appealing and be able to pull it off this Halloween! It may be horrific, but it is also bound to win your kid a costume contest…or 10.Product DetailsThis costume may have you white-knuckling your way through getting your child dressed, but fear not, it’s just a very effective costume—your little sweetie is still in there! This look consists of a hooded robe with a belt for shape and black gloves to turn their human hands into creepy reaper ones. The included mask is positively eerie, but the real bone-chiller is the light-up chest piece. Once you put in the batteries, it lights up like a red, hollow rib cage. Ahhhhh!Scaring is CaringYour kiddo certainly is one-of-a-kind—and they are our kind of kid! We love a scary costume more than anyone, and we’re happy to see the next generation taking Halloween one step further. 

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