Bone Colored Large Skeleton Hands


Give your skeleton themed costume an more authentic and overall complete look when you add these Bone Colored Large Skeleton Hands. Features a bone color that are made to look like skeleton hands.

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Up From BelowWhat is it about teenagers? Why would any couple that’s ever seen a horror movie think it’s cool to have a date in the graveyard right by a gravestone that’s famously cursed! Sure, no one had seen hide nor hair of the infamous Blackbird Pond ghost for more than twenty years. We can see why the couple would think the stories around town were just an old wives tale. But smooching at the cursed grave? Well, that’s just going too far. Of course, the lonely ghost bride who died after being left in the cold by her husband of one night was going to wake to once again seek revenge! They shouldn’t have been surprised when two boney hands rose up from the soil and grabbed them by the wrists, trying to drag the lovers down into the grave to keep the poor bride company!Product DetailsGhost costumes can be cute, classic, or creepy but there’s no mistaking what vibe you’re going for when you slip these ghastly gloves on your hands! The rubbery long fingers will make anyone quake as you reach out your hands longingly for some Halloween treats. Whether you pair these gloves with a skeleton, reaper, or ghost costume, your boney fingers are sure to haunt people’s spooky festivities wherever you roam! 

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