Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion- Womens Michele Costume


Find your Romy and head to your Halloween party in the Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion – Women’s Michele Costume. Make all your classmates jealous with this costume.

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The Voice of InspirationThe moment you see that invitation is enough to feel your chest tighten. The High School Reunion. Images of those four-or-so years flash through your mind. How did it go? Were you the jock? The nerd? The cheerleader? The amazing and kind of ditzy gal with a pure and fantastic friendship that nobody else seemed to understand?Well, here’s the thing. No matter what kind of archetype you might have been—even if you created your very own—we’re sure you left an impression! That’s exactly what Michele is all about! While Romy might be the one with the deep and unique voice, Michele is the one that just keeps her going even when times get tough. Whether you’re actually heading to a reunion or just want to win the costume contest at your next Halloween event, we suspect that you and your friends will need some Michele on their side.Product DetailsIf you’re ready to have the night of your life (and bring your friends along with you), there’s no better path to fun than with this Michele costume, officially licensed from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. This stylish look features a chipper dress of perfect pink that is lined with faux fur along the hemline. The silver choker gives a bit of sparkle that might even match the shine you’ll show! Ditch the suit or conventional costume this year and show a different side with the marvelous Michele. Inventing a LegacyJust because the high school reunion is usually all about trying to play up the accomplishments of the last ten years doesn’t mean that’s the only option. When you skip your way to school in this officially licensed Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion costume, not only can you inspire the masses to be themselves, but you get to be fun and flirty, too! 

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