Plus Size Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Costume


This Plus Size Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Costume will allow you to profess your thoughts on the ineffectiveness of government with complete authority.

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Definitely Not Duke SilverWho’s this Duke Silver guy? We keep hearing people talk about him. Well, it’s mostly middle-aged women from Pawnee, Indiana that keep mentioning him… but man, do they love the sound of his sweet, sweet jazz. Someone tried to tell us that Ron Swanson sort of looks like him, but we’re not buying it. Just look at the guy! He wears polo shirts, drinks extra black coffee, and hates the government with a passion. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is just no possible way that there’s any link between Ron Swanson and Duke Silver, despite what we heard Of course, if you pair this officially licensed Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Costume with a fedora and a saxophone… you might just fit in really well with the crowds that to hang out at Cozy’s Bar in Eagleton.Design & DetailsThis plus size Ron Swanson Costume is inspired by the iconic character from the Parks and Recreation series. It comes with a red, long sleeve polo shirt. The front has diamond patterns and a single button on top helps give it that Swanson-esque look. It’s perfect for wearing the day after you have a successful date with a lady or when you go out for a tasty dinner at your favorite steakhouse, but it can also be worn if you happen to acquire an award for crafting a wooden chair. It’s just that versatile.Claymore Mine Sold SeparatelyWith this costume, you will be required to supply your face with your own mustache. You might want to start growing one now if you want to have that thick, Swanson-style mustache. Of course, this costume also does not come with a deactivated landmine. That you might just have to find somewhere else (perhaps at your local Food and Stuff).

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