Bloody Wall Backdrop Prop


Rather than splatter your rooms with red paint, just use this bloody wall backdrop to get the serial-killer-on-the-loose look.

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If you want your haunted house to kill it this Halloween then you need to make sure you have a killer set up in your home! Nothing says ‘killer” like blood-stained walls. Now before you go to the nearest blood bank or waste all the ketchup in your fridge, take a look at this Bloody Wall Backdrop! It will make your home look as if it’s transformed into a butcher shop or murder scene. Although lucky for you, you don’t have to put actual blood all over your walls or make your home reek of ketchup to achieve that terrifying look.Have all your friends and neighbors asking when the massacre happened after you set up this plastic wall roll perfectly in your home. The only question is where to put it! The living room? The kitchen? Perhaps the bathroom? Wherever you set this beautiful backdrop up it will look amazing. You could set up a gruesome scene in front of it or even just have it casually placed behind your common, every day home decor layout. Get yours today and have some good, clean bloody fun this Halloween!

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