Bloody Butcher Knife Earrings


Look horrifyingly gorgeous this Halloween with these Bloody Butcher Knife Costume Earrings. Only true serial killers wear bloody knifes on their ears.

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The Master’s Touch Only a true criminal mastermind can get away with a terrible deed. The secret to most villain success stories is twofold: The best of the best always have a creative side and a lot of raw confidence. That’s what enables them to hide the evidence in plain sight…like on a piece of jewelry! Product DetailsOutfit your gory costume with a Bloody Butcher Knife Earrings Accessory set! The pair of earrings features two matching charms shaped like butcher cleavers with black handles and copious amounts of blood oozing from the blades. They’re attached to silver-tone fishhook earring backs. Weapon of ChoiceYou don’t want to get to your chosen crime scene and realize that you’ve left your weapon at home, do you? Now, you can keep your stabby accessories on you at all times! Just make sure to avoid any of your friends who are dressed up as cops. 

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