Belly Dancer Necklace and Earring Set for Women


If you’ve perfected the art of torso articulation then you may be a belly dancer… or Shakira. Either way this Belly Dance Necklace and Earring Set will be the perfect accent to your costume and routine.

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In this modern, media-saturated era, we can lose sight of some of the simple wonders of analog life. Like the wind. How wild is it that the wind even exists? Sometimes the colorless, odorless substance that surrounds us just decides to get up and go. And if it weren’t for the leaves rustling in the breeze, we might not even notice.Well, your belly dancer costume isn’t exactly like the wind, because one clang from the finger cymbals gets people’s attention pretty quickly. But like a sudden squall, belly dancing is one of the more surprising and amazing things that can happen without internet access. And if you’re wearing a costume designed to accentuate the hypnotic undulations of your torso and the rhythmic gyrations of your hips, this jewelry set is a great way to help other people fully appreciate your moves. With every step and wiggle, these coins will flutter and quaver like jingling golden foliage.

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