Toddler Stealth Ninja Costume


Ninjas are all about stealth, and this Toddler Stealth Ninja Costume lets your child embody that essential ninja quality!

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The Way of the NinjaThe way of the ninja without a doubt is a difficult path. First, you must learn the secrets of the shadow, and become one with the night. Then, you must become a master of Kung Fu, Karate, and Jiu Jitsu! Next, you must become proficient with all weapons, including throwing stars and the elegant Katana sword. Finally, you MUST (we emphasize the must) learn to dress yourself in the proper attire… like this Toddler Stealth Ninja Costume!Product DetailsYour little man will master the art of stealth in this ninja costume and he’ll have a blast doing it, so parents, you better keep an eye out! This costume has everything you could need for your little ninja warrior – a Hook and Loop fastener clasping back in case his Kung Fu gets a little crazy, foam armor on both the best and shoulders to make your little man look like the real deal. He’ll also be equipped with an adjustable belt to fit his size with 2 foam stars (key word being foam, we’re not crazy!) and a hood that ties in the back so you don’t have to worry about losing any parts of this killer costume.Hi-ya!So, not only does this Toddler Ninja Costume come with everything he needs to begin scaling rooftops at night, it looks darn cool as well. Hi-ya! Outfit your child with this costume for Halloween, and even if he still has a lot of training to do, we’re sure he’ll have a blast. Oh, and before we forget to mention this costume doesn’t come with any swords so after your little man gets hyped up on candy you don’t have to worry about that… you’re welcome.

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