Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Costume for Men


Take your job seriously as the beast’s servant, even after you are tuned into a pendulum clock when you put on this offcially licensed Men’s Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Costume!

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A Majorly Fun MajordomoDisney’s Cogsworth might be a little stuffy. Compared to Lumiere, he’s definitely the rule-following, no-nonsense, on-the-clock kind of castle caretaker! But that doesn’t mean that the guy isn’t a well-rounded and loyal character, too. It’s that warm heart and by-the-book mind that helps him keep the Beast from getting growly every time a petal falls from the enchanted rose! (Plus, you can tell by the way he puts a few extra ticks in his tock whenever it’s time to groove to a tune that the guy can be a little feisty!) All he really needs is an opportunity to show his partying personality for a spell and the world would know what happens when the pendulum swings to Cogsworth’s time off the clock!Design & DetailsTell the tale of Cogsworth by stepping into this officially licensed Cogsworth costume from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The brown tunic features golden accents on the shoulders and a printed look on the belly, covered with clear vinyl to give you the genuine pendulum clock style of Cogsworth. It fastens with hook and loops and includes matching gloves to maintain the wooden look. The headpiece has foam backing to hold its shape. We’ve even got a sticky felt nose, so all you’ll need to do is draw a couple of extra clock hands to complete your look! Team up with your best buddy Lumiere and you’ll help the Beast find his true love in no time.

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