Santa’s Deluxe Pink Velvet Hat


Give your traditional Santa costume a flirty side with this Deluxe Pink Velvet Santa Hat! This hat is prefect for anyone who loves pink and are looking to celebrate the holidays. If you liked to dress up, one could dress up as a Mrs. Claus of a Pretty lit

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Pretty in PinkMrs. Clause is ready for a change. Apparently, a few hundred years as the Matron of Christmas in the exact same outfit has gotten a little, how shall we say, stale. She’s not thinking of doing anything too drastic, no. Perhaps just a little bit more variety in her wardrobe’s color palette. You see, year after year the only thing Santa Claus has worn is red and white (with a touch of green). Mrs. Claus, as a sign of solidarity and support, has mimicked her husband with lush scarlets. But now? Now it is time for a little variety. It’s time for Mrs. Claus to show her true colors, and all she had to do was add a dash of white to all that red. Behold, our Deluxe Pink Velvet Santa Hat. Made in the typical Santa style, this velvet hat has a white faux fur trim around the edge and a fantastically fluffy pom at the end. However, instead of the typical red, this hat is a beautiful blush. A perfect pink. A fun fuschia. We applaud Mrs. Clause for her innovation and femininity in the matter. And, despite the fact that pink was originally a color for boys, we know that if anyone were going to pull this off it would be Mrs. Claus. A very Merry Pinkmas to you!

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