Red Minnie Mouse Kit


Minnie Mouse has been adding her sassy and sweet character to the Disney world for decades, and now you can be just like her with this womens accessory kit.

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Thrifty MinnieYou are a money-savvy kind of girl. You watch how much you spend day-to-day. Trying to pay off student loans and keep yourself out of the poor house at the same time. And boy, do we understand that feeling! But you also like to get dressed up, make yourself (and others) laugh. But costumes can be sooooooo expensive.Product DescriptionWell, this year you can save a few pennies, and still have an adorable Minnie costume with this Red Minnie Mouse Kit. This set includes the classic mouse ears that we all knows and love, a choker with a sweet Minnie cameo and polka dot material, a black tail, and cartoon gloves. Dress this set up or down, you’ll look iconic either way. That Disney Type of FeelingNow you can turn into your favorite mouse without turning your bank account inside out. It won’t be long before you’re making all your friends laugh with your high-pitched Minnie Mouse impression after you put on these polka-dotted accessories. You might be pinching pennies but that never got Ms. Minnie down. So, don’t break the bank, just click “Add to Cart” and enjoy being Minnie for the day. That’s a happy ending if we’ve ever seen one!

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