Bats and Moon Earrings


Turn yourself into a true creature of the night with these Bats and Moon Accessory Earrings. These spooky earrings will complete any vampire or witch costume.

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One Moonlit NightWhen the moon is out, the night seems much more magical. Anything could happen in the light of its silvery crescent: Witches could fly, pumpkins could glow, mysterious creatures could be spotted, and the best Halloween party of all could be starting right now. Product DetailsAdd some midnight mystique to your look with this Bats and Moon Earrings Accessory set! The earring pair featurs two large black charms shaped like matching crescent moons flanked by swooping bats. They’re attached to silver-tone fishhook earring backs. Batty for Cool JewelryA really great pair of earrings not only looks good but pairs with multiple outfits! This accessory set is amazing for complementing a witch, bat, vampire, monster, or sorceress ensemble, not to mention many other costume options. It’s also looks striking when you wear it with your everyday clothes. Halloween flair isn’t just for parties alone, of course!  

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