Princess and The Frog Dr. Facilier Costume Hat


Dress up to let others know that you aren’t one to mess with since you have friends on the other side with this Princess & The Frog Dr. Facilier Costume Hat! This hat features a black oversized top hat with a red satin sash, a skull and cross bones printe

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Get Some Friends on the Other Side Has your year gone a little wrong? Luck just doesn’t seem to be on your side? Well, there are a lot of ways to change that up. You could go the route of Dr. Facilier. This Witch Doctor knows just how to turn the tables… even if it usually involves shapeshifting certain princes into weirdo amphibians. Unfortunately, he’s not so great at reading the fine print. Everyone knows if you’re going to make a deal with mysterious entities from the other realm, you have to be careful! Product DetailsIf you like Dr. Facilier’s style but are planning on making better choices, we’re happy to help you top off your power with a terrific top hat! This officially licensed Dr. Facilier Costume Hat is a real-life replica of the voodoo hat worn by the villain of Princess & The Frog. Enjoy the bright red sash, the personality of the purple plumage, and the wicked grin of the skull and crossbones. It is the perfect way to finish off your cosplay or add some voodoo magic to your day look! No Souls RequiredDid we grab this oversized black hat from Disney’s vault? Or did we contact some of our own extradimensional friends? Fear not, because this hat only looks like it was crafted of mysterious magic. All the mojo involved in this cartoonish skull and crossbones comes from you!

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