Animated Ghostly Gentleman Jack Decoration


Looking for someone to greet your guest to your haunted house? We’ve got you covered with this exclusive Animated Ghostly Gentleman Jack Decoration. This decor will look great in your home or a haunted house!

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A Whitechapel VisitorWhen there is a rap at your door and you spot a gentleman who looks like he’s stepped right out of a portal from the Victorian Age, you have to wonder. What are the chances that this gentle time-traveler could be the infamous Jack? You know the one we’re talking about. You check the top hat and confirm whether or not the notorious killer was known for wearing one. You consider the capelet on his coat and the cravat around his neck. You eye his cane and just have to wonder if he’s got a hidden blade within the handle. Then, of course, there is that horrifying undead face. What—what!?Design & Details Whether this is the genuine Ripper of Whitechapel fame or just a dashing gent with an eerie edge, this Greeting Gentleman Jack Halloween decoration is sure to elevate your Halloween decor game! This Made By Us standing decoration features the creepy-yet-sophisticated look of a Victorian gent with an undead twist. The molded face is a skull with an insidious grin and the gleaming red eyes are sure to unsettle even the most proper of guests! Pose the arms as you prefer, whether you’d like to raise the cane (or hide the knife). 

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