Animated Crawling Zombie Prop


Freak out your Halloween party guests with our exclusive Animated Crawling Zombie Prop! This animatronic is the perfect addition to your Halloween decoration collection.

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Beware the Crawling DeadHere’s the thing about zombies: They’re a lot like Michael Myers. Michael walks really slowly with his big butcher knife. You might be tempted to discount him as a threat. You might think, “That creep in the backwards Captain Kirk mask can’t move that fast. I’ll be fine.” And then BAM you’re dead. Same with zombies! They shuffle (or crawl!) re-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y, but they will always get to you, and they will always eat your brains. Or maybe they’ll just frighten everyone who comes to your house. Either way, they’re coming!Product DetailsWatch your step for this Animated Crawling Zombie Decoration! This life-sized brain-muncher is made of plastic and wears durable clothes for outdoor use. When someone walks by, his eyes light up and his head and hands move, as he searches for his prey. The moans and growls he makes will delight and terrify all who hear him!

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