Angular Egyptian Cut Wig


Accessorize your costume as an Egyptian goddess with the Angular Egyptian Cut Wig accessory. Finish off your Queen of the Nile costume this year for Halloween.

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Mummy MadnessIs your mind always drifting to Egypt? We can’t blame you. A millennium of history is layered in this land like a delicious chip dip with layers of spicy beans, nacho cheese, and guacamole. You never know what people are going to find next. The sands of this beautiful land are hiding all sorts of secrets from giant statues of gods to clandestine temples dedicated to long-forgotten cults. Who knows how many mummies might still be lurking under the surface of the sand, waiting for the right person to come along and enact the mummy’s curse. Encourage your Egyptian connection with a classic Egyptian style wig. What better way to get someone to invite you on their next archeological dig?Product DetailsThis gorgeous black wig is a little past shoulder length. The glossy black color really stands out in a crowd. It has straight black bangs to make your Egyptian look unmistakable. Pair this with a dramatic Egyptian eye to give yourself a Cleopatra vibe.Pretty in PetroglyphsWant the perfect Egyptian costume? Browse through our many Egyptian options to find the perfect look for you. And the best part is, you don’t even need to wait for someone to carve your look into a pyramid wall. Just take a selfie and upload it in the reviews to flaunt your Egyptian style to the world!

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