Kung Fu Panda Adult Po Costume


Become the Dragon Warrior with this Kung Fu Panda Adult Po Costume and eat all of those tasty dumplings that are available. You’ll be the coolest panda at the dojo!

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Kung Fu BumblingAh, Po. Despite being the laziest, clumsiest panda in the Valley of Peace, he does harbor dreams of becoming a legendary kung fu master. We can relate! We would love to be professional athletes ourselves, but alas, our lives have led us to these cubicles. Then again, we don’t have a Master Shifu-style mentor to guide us from relative obscurity to mastery. Po does, and we believe in him!Product DetailsCan you empathize at all with Po’s struggle? If so, you can assume the role in this officially licensed and exclusive Kung Fu Panda Po Costume for adults. It’s comprised of a jumpsuit, a stuffed spherical tail sewn to the back, a hood with faux fur outer shell and attached stuffed nose, ears, and embroidered eyes. In other words, it’s everything you’ll need to smack around some villains! Best of all, it’s made by our in-house designers, so you can worry less about the panda ears falling off and more about perfecting your high-kick!Choose Your AdventureSo what will your adventure be? We know it will be epic, but how many foes will you vanquish? Ten? Two hundred? One thousand? Life’s not all about numbers, though, so maybe don’t sweat those details. Where will your epic, high-kicking adventure bring you? Can, uh… would you mind bringing us along for the journey? These cubicles are getting kinda stuffy.

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