Angler Fish Women’s Costume


Dive into the dark depths of the sea with this Women’s Angler Fish Costume. With this costume, you can be the light of the party and attack when you are the only one that can see.

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Catch, If You Dare!Have you ever seen that “fish on the hook” act? Probably! It’s used a lot in movies and TV. Someone mimes casting a pole and reeling in, while the other hops and wiggles toward them, like a fish on the line. Sometimes it’s funny, but it’s usually funny because it’s lame. Especially if you’re a lady dealing with dudes trying to impress you, it doesn’t do much. You’ll be safe from all the eager fishermen out there while wearing this Women’s Angler Fish Costume! You will be the fisher of smaller fishes as this deep sea predator.Product DetailsThis original sleek jumpsuit is easy and fun to wear! The sleeveless suit is black with deep blue printed fish scales. It closes with a front zipper that can be as high or as low as you like, depending on how hot you want your angler fish to be! The hood has jagged fabric teeth along the hem, while two round eyes sit at the top. Between the eyes is the fish’s most famous feature—the ball of light they use to attract prey. This one is bright yellow. Finish the look with arm cuffs that hold the gauzy “fin” sleeves, and your favorite pair of black shoes. Reel In Your PreyForget the fisherman reel gag! In this jumpsuit, you call the shots. Lure in people who interest you (nicely, of course!), dance with your friends, and enjoy the event. Time to swim your tail off! 

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