The Disney Aladdin Fez & Vest Costume Kit


Run through the streets of Agrabah with the Disney Aladdin Fez & Vest Costume Kit. Help rescue Genie from Jafar and wish for his freedom as Aladdin.

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DIAMOND IN THE WHAT!?Have you ever been told by a mysterious voice that you are a diamond in the rough? Perhaps a mysterious old man with strange sorcerous powers is trying to get you to go into an ancient cavern to acquire something and hasn’t quite given you the whole story yet? It’s a rather strange statement. Is it a compliment? A prophecy? Turns out that it can mean a couple of things. One of the favorite definitions means that you’ve got some pretty important qualities that just haven’t yet been refined. A little touching up will make them gleam and bring out your true potential for the world!PRODUCT DETAILSWe’re not saying that you need anything to become who you are truly meant to be. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of accessorizing to help finish off that look and ensure that you’ve achieved true costume perfection! Might we recommend this Fez and Vest Kit from Disney’s Aladdin? Recognizable and lovely, this vest and hat are great on their own as a reference or to build into a whole costumed event! PRINCE OR THIEF?Diamond in the rough might mean that you are a generally good person who just has a few questionable behavior patterns. (You haven’t been stealing bread or teasing city guards, have you?) Whether you have or haven’t, this Vest and Fez Kit will make a grand disguise for any of your Arabian adventures. 

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