Alice in Wonderland Crew Sock (3-Pack)


Looking for the perfect socks to keep your feet looking stylish? Look no further with these Alice in Wonderland Crew Sock (3-Pack)! Featuring beautiful illustrations from the novel.

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Wonderland TourIf you were in Wonderland, what strange character would you make friends with? The Mad Hatter might be a frustrating companion because while he’s always hosting tea parties, you’re likely never to get even a cup of tea. Because if you haven’t had any more tea, you can’t have more tea. Can you? The Cheshire Cat would always keep you guessing and always has something sassy to say. We think the Caterpillar would be the most enjoyable companion. You always know where to find him and he would always have interesting stories to tell. Whoever you’d like to get to know in Wonderland, they’ll be represented with this set of unique Alice in Wonderland socks. Product DetailsThis set of socks is printed with colorful illustrations from the books. You’ll have a pair featuring the Mad Tea Party, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, and the Caterpillar lounging on his mushroom. These socks are the perfect accessories to wear to a Mad Tea Party. Pair them with an actual Alice in Wonderland party or slip them on for days when you’re craving a little more wonder, these three pairs of socks are sure to be a staple in your wardrobe!

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