Cruella De Vil Stole Costume for Women


Walk into your next event wearing the best that fashion has to offer in this officially licensed Women’s Prestige Cruella De Vil Stole Costume. Cruella would be proud!

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Fur No MoreDisney’s Cruella De Vil, meet polyester! Back in 1961, when Disney’s 101 Dalmatians first hit theaters, faux fur technology was not nearly as advanced as it is today. If a demanding fashionista like her wanted a fluffy coat, then she had to make one out of real fur. Why, if Cruella had access to quality faux fur materials, then may not have been so mean to all of those Dalmatian puppies! The great news is that there’s no need for fur these days. Anyone can look like the devilish diva with this officially licensed costume that uses all man-made materials!Design & DetailsThis Women’s Prestige Cruella De Vil Stole Costume gives you the iconic, trendsetting look of the 101 Dalmatians villain. The costume begins with her signature black sheath dress, which has a v-neck in front. The long, elbow-length gloves are bright red and bring a vibrant splash of color to the outfit. Finally, the costume comes with a white faux fur stole, which has a black accent! Put it all on and you won’t even need to cook up a grand evil scheme to get a totally fantastic Cruella De Vil costume!

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