Adult William Shakespeare Costume


Set the stage for a great performance with this Adult William Shakespeare Costume. You’ll have no problem getting into the character of a brilliant poet and playwright wearing this great costume.

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Where Art Thou Rhyme SchemeShakespeare oh Shakespeare! Wherefore art thine rhyme scheme, Will? Tis but thy fancy wording that is our enemy. Thou art thyself, a wicked good screenwriter. What is a rhyme? It is nor pun nor plot twist, nor meet cute or will they won’t they, nor any other classic movie ploy. What is with your tricky tongue? That which we call a rose by any other name would just complicate things. So Shakespeare, would he not use Shakespeare speak. Retain that dear perfection which he owes without the funny stuff. Shakespeare, doff the fancy words you wrote for Queen Elizabeth’s court. And for thy scripts which are no part of thee, come back to life and start your own dramatic podcast for us. Product DetailsWhether you’ve brought tears to the eyes of an audience by acting out Shakespeare’s tragedies or you can’t make heads or tales of his scripts and just want to rock his Elizabethan style, you’ll love this William Shakespeare costume. The doublet is detailed with embroidery down the front and along the hem of the peplum. The velvet-textured top has the plush shoulder ridges that were all the rage back in the day and is topped off with a dignified wide collar and cuffs. And of course, our man Will can’t wear just any pants. Take it to the 

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