Abe Lincoln Costume Kit for Adults


Honest Abe would be proud of you. We actually can’t guarantee that, but this Abe Lincoln Costume Kit will make you look a lot like him.

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A Presidential PropositionOnce upon a time, a little girl wrote to the future President of the United States with a fashion suggestion. She thought he would look even more distinguished if he grew a long beard. Are we ever glad that he took her advice! Old Honest Abe just wouldn’t be the same without his famous whiskers. We don’t know if she offered headgear suggestions too, but we bet she had something to do with his signature lid.Product DescriptionTransform yourself into one of the United States’s greatest presidents with this Abe Lincoln Costume Kit! The stovepipe hat is perfect for tipping to visiting heads of state, or doffing in reverence as you deliver the Gettysburg Address. Of course, no Abe Lincoln look would be complete without the luxurious black beard the president was known to sport. Slip it on over your head – no shaving required! You’ll look so handsome, someone just might decide to carve your image into the side of a mountain.Fourscore and Seven Years AgoIt doesn’t matter how long it has been since Lincoln held office, because his look never goes out of style! Impress your friends with your honesty, your headgear, and your perfectly groomed facial hair. Just remember to avoid going to theaters.

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