Viking Sledge Hammer Prop


You’ll need some weapons if you are going to conquer new territory. This Viking Sledge Hammer can help out with that!

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Plenty of would-be marauders get discouraged when they find out that some of their toughest opponents are pretty handy with a shield, or covered in thick, blade-resistant armor. They spent so much time practicing their bladework on watermelons and heads of cabbage that they forgot that one of the most basic conventions of a battle is that everybody tries not to get sliced to bits!But you look pretty gruff and determined, so take a look at this Viking Sledge Hammer. Did real Vikings really carry these things around? Who can say. We’re more interested in helping you look really intimidating (and helping you solve that pesky shield problem) than complete historical accuracy. We’re also guessing that when you and your pals hop out of your longboat carrying shield-smashing mauls like this, the sheer terror will push historical accuracy to the back of everybody’s mind.