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You need to be properly dressed to sing and dance with your favorite crustacean. You’re going to need a Shell Bra for your next underwater adventure especially if you plan to dress like a mermaid. It’s a must have, trust us!

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FROM CORAL TO COASTHey, you! Yeah, you, the one with the gills! Don’t think that you can just sing a quick song and hop your way onto the sandy beaches to make friends with all of the surface-dwellers. There are some critical social mores that you need to be aware of before you go running around on those whaddayacallems! First and foremost is the fact that gravity works quite a bit different outside of the buoyant ocean… plus they’ve got something called a “dress code” in most places. PRODUCT DETAILSWhether you want to enjoy some time on the beach, in the depths, or at your favorite themed costume party, this chic Shell Bra is the thing to nab! Keep everything in place and enjoy some mermaid style by wearing the strings over your neck and knotting in back. The diamond shape shells make for a great completion to your costume or even a fantasy look for nighttime strolls on the beach! FROM SANDY BEACH TO SEA BEDThe Shell Top is a mainstay for oceanic looks. It’s a must-have mer-person accessory—trust us! So, whether you’re simply hitting up the river bank or heading out with the evening tide, be “shore” you’re ready for whatever the sea is going to serve up in this shell bra! 

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