Adult Lemur Costume


Do you like to move it, move it? Well whether your breaking it down on the dance floor or taking your conspiracy of little lemurs around the town looking for sweets, this Adult Lemur Costume is a perfect go-to on Halloween night.

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The animal kingdom is full of curious critters, but none quite as amazing as the ring-tailed lemur. Those charming creatures do tons of things that we wish we could do, which include these activities:- Crazy parkour runs through the forest- Tail waggling contests- All-day naps- Stink fights- Star in animated movies- Turn into a “lemur ball” with all your friends- Use their cuteness to mesmerize onlookersYes, if we were a ring-tailed lemur, we could do all of things, but we’re stuck just being a run of the mill kind of human. That is, until our expert costume designers got work to make this lemur costume for adults.Our ring-tailed lemur costume helps you look like the cute critter from Madagascar. The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit made out of soft gray faux fur. The back of the jumpsuit has a cute tail, which has the white and black ring pattern that those little critters are known for, attached to the back. The matching mitts and foot covers go over your hands and feet, and the lemur headpiece is the perfect finisher to the outfit. It’ll be enough to make you feel like hopping around in the trees of Africa. Just remember that wearing this costume might not actually make you better at acrobatics, so don’t go trying to recreate any of those crazy lemur antics you’ve seen in all the online videos. We suggest gathering up your friends to form a “lemur ball” like the one mentioned in the list above.

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