Womens Posh Bunny Costume


You will feel confident and sexy in this Women’s Posh Bunny Costume. This costume has a black, strapless body suit and black tulle skirt. The bunny ears headband will help to complete your look.

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Trading Tulle for TailsThe bunny lifestyle is a glamorous one. Champagne, celebrities, paparazzi. A lot of sparkle comes out of the woodwork once you put on the famous ears! With all this elegance, we have to wonder, why are the bunnies limited to living a life in L.A. Can’t we all have a little more alluring magic in our lives? That’s why we’ve updated the bunny uniform, making it a little more comfortable to wear to events anywhere in the world. After all, if Bridget Jones had been wearing a tulle skirt rather than a fluffy tail when she showed up to that garden party, it might not have been quite as painful for her! No matter where you live, you can slip into this gorgeous costume with confidence. And you can be sure that you’ll be ready for any Champagne, celebrities, and paparazzi that might come your way!Design & DetailsOur in-house designers created this twist on the classic sexy bunny costume. The Made By Us look includes a satin bodysuit that’s molded at the bust to flatter your figure. Zipping up the back, it’s simple to slip into. The tulle skirt is trimmed with satin black ribbon and it simply slips over top the bodysuit. Topping off the whole look, the sequin bunny ears will make your costume unmistakable at first glance!On second thought…If you want to transition from a more modest look to the traditional leggy bunny costume, it’s simple with this costume! Simply layer your own fishnets underneath the bodysuit and purchase a bunny tail separately to attach to the back once you’re ready. This classic costume never goes out of style so whether you’re heading to a themed party or a Halloween event, you can be sure that you’re ready for the spotlight! 

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