Adult Plus Size DEA Agent Costume


Take your justice to the streets with this Adult Plus Size DEA Agent Costume. This exclusive costume is a great quick and easy costume idea and is made by us.

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The Procedural ProcedureAll those cop drama television shows make being a DEA agent look like a glamorous walk in the park. You get to jump out of a fancy black SUV, throw some cuffs on the bad guys and then you get to have a party for taking the bad guys off the streets. The reality is that being a DEA agent is a lot harder than it looks. First, you need to study for many years to become a law enforcement officer. Then you need to track plenty of clues and work with undercover agents for months before you can create a sting on one of the bad guys. Then, you have to put yourself right in harm’s way as you apprehend a dangerous criminal. Then, you have to do most of that all over again.It’d be much more fun to just pretend to be one of those DEA agents in the TV shows and movies! That’s exactly what this DEA agent costume helps you do. You see, you don’t have to spend any time studying law enforcement. You don’t need to chase after any cartels. You don’t have to plan some ingenious sting.Design & DetailsAll you need to do is put this plus size costume on and you’ll be ready to play the role of a top notch police officer. This Made by Us jacket features metal snaps and the bright letters DEA on the back and chest. The baseball-style hat is included and features the matching DEA symbols. In a literal snap, you’ll be right on your way to becoming famous!Bring the TV Fun to LifeJust remember that this costume is just for role play and costume purposes. If you actually try to impersonate a police officer, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of the law! But, in the mean time, you can at least live out your favorite TV show moments. 

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