Red Racer Jumpsuit Costume for Kids


This Kid’s Red Racer Jumpsuit Costume is red all over with the iconic racing checkered pattern down the sleeves and legs. Your child will be ready to hit the race track in this costume!

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Manuvering AceSpeed isn’t everything. Some hot-headed kids think they can hop behind the wheel and slam that gas pedal, but it takes a cool head and some serious skills to be a pro racer. They need to flawlessly veer into every curve. They need to slip past the competition when they least suspect it. They need to watch their RPMs and shift gears at exactly the right moment. They also need to look like a total pro while wearing a racing suit!Well, it just so happens that we think your kids might have what it takes to be the next pro driver. They already have the skills, they just need a little bit of training and this Kid’s Red Racer Jumpsuit Costume and they’ll be ready to grab the wheel!Design & DetailsThis race car driver costume is a Made By Us design for kids that will give them a professional look that’s ready for the race track. The costume begins with a simple red jumpsuit that has black and white checkered flag strips on the sleeves and legs. It also comes with a stand-up collar that’s crafted to look like the ones on many real racing jumpsuits. The front of the suit also has a variety of patches to add to the authentic look. Once your children suit up in this outfit, they’ll be ready to cruise past the competition!Like a ProIf your kids are itching to get behind the wheel already, then this exclusive costume is exactly what they’ve been looking for. With a design that captures the style of real racing suits, they’ll feel like a true pro. Of course, you might want to wait until they have a driver’s license before you let them get behind the wheel of a car!

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