Toddler Trolls World Tour Deluxe Poppy Costume w/ Leggings


Your little one will look adorable in the Toddler Trolls World Tour Deluxe Poppy Costume w/ Leggings. This costume is the perfect look for fans of the Trolls movie.

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Mood MakerDoes your little one have an extreme interest in what’s playing in the car? Does she feel the need to set the right mood in the mornings? While you may miss listening to the news or your emo music from high school, her style of cheer is certainly effective. How can you be grumpy when you’re headed to the grandparents with a real bop playing in the background? It’s this kind of mood managing that makes your kiddo connect so clearly with Poppy from Trolls! Poppy can’t take frowns, boredom, or silence. She has no chill in the best way. She’s on a mission to make sure everyone around her is feeling fine! Think your kiddo is a shoe-in for Poppy’s role? Well then, this Trolls World Tour Poppy costume is a great place to start!Product Details This officially-licensed Poppy costume from Trolls World Tour is all about the sparkle and color! The included dress is a sparkly velour with a soft petal-style hemline and is attached to pink sleeves for a a faux pink skin tone without the need for makeup. It’s layered over a ruffled petticoat for some serious twirl-factor. Pink leggings continue your kiddo’s pink skinned disguise. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Troll costume without the trademark spikey colorful hair. Accented with a flower crown and big ears, this pink wig will bring your kid’s Poppy persona to sparkly, musical life!

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