Adult Mutant Reaper Costume


Fear the Reaper with the Adult Mutant Reaper Costume! Reap the souls of the dead with the Adult Mutant Reaper Costume. Scare your friends with the Adult Mutant Reaper Costume!

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Scythe and DiceProbably the most enjoyable part of working here at is the incessant parade of monsters going about day-to-day tasks. Vampires go to the water fountain, werewolves type away furiously at the customer service desk, and ghosts wander aimlessly around the building trying to look like they are busy haunting someone.One of the best moments was when the grim reaper was trying to grab some lunch. After a long day of standing ominously in the shadows, he was happy to get off his feet and enjoy the lunch that Mrs. Grim Reaper packed for him. Unfortunately, she had been busy, so she had just sent the stuff to make his own lunch. As you can imagine, the whole lunchroom was chuckling when he used that enormous scythe to spread the peanut butter and jelly for his sandwich!Reap the BenefitsThat’s just one of things that makes this Adult Mutant Reaper Costume one of the most useful and versatile costumes that there is. The scythe (sold separately) is great, but the long black robe is perfect. The black goes well with any accessories, like the light-up mask. When you feel like you could use a little more light, you are ready with that low glow of your internal, infernal fire.Dying to Have Some FunIf you are looking for the perfect Grim Reaper costume, you won’t find one better than this. The glowing mask and dark, tattered robe are all you need to be that dark and mysterious figure. And if you do need to make a sandwich, you know you’ll be ready!

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