Elbow Length Red Gloves for Women


You’ve got moxie kid. Remember that when you slip into a pair of Elbow Length Red Gloves. You’ll need them to charm the man you’re seeing about a dog!

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Exquisite”Oh my! What exquisite gloves you have. Obviously, you come from the upper crust of society, old money as they say, dear. I suppose you don’t mind throwing around a few hundred thousand here or there to help the common people. Yes, they are so very dirty, but with your help at least they might be taught to wash their hands before supper. Another martini?”True gloves go all the way up to the elbow, isn’t that the famous expression? With these luxurious red satin gloves, you’ll be the envy of every woman at the ball. We assume these are for a very fancy ball full of all the old money types vying for your affection, right out of a Jane Austen novel (that’s what happens in Jane Austen, right? People are prideful and other people are prejudiced but then they get married?). And even if you’re not attending an incredibly fancy ball, these gloves will bring social uplift to any event, sending the message that you are most definitely fancy and know how to look like a proper lady.

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