Adult Gray Lycan Werewolf Costume


Beware going out when the moon is full if you choose this Adult Gray Lycan Werewolf Costume! This werewolf costume is perfect for Halloween night this year.

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The full moon is a rough time for lots of people. The energies get stirring and can make us a little crazy, ushering us out of the house and making us eager to sink our teeth into some real excitement. Restaurants report people acting all types of crazy and any nurse or EMT near the hospital knows that moon schedule better than just about anyone else. The crazies come out, they say. What is it about the moon that just hits us all? Some might argue that it is gravity. They’d say that the gravitational pull is stronger because there is more moon! Scientists would grumble at this, shaking their heads, as they note that we’re just seeing more of the moon because the invisible and darkened side of it is turned away from us.And, there is the hint! The moon always drives us crazy, so when we can see all of the moon, we’re at the absolute max we can handle. Only the most mentally stable and wise among us are immune to the odd effects of the entrancing lunar lights. It certainly explains the werewolves among us. Already so close to their bestial nature, the moon’s light just sends them into the next world of crazed and urges them to tear off their clothes and run into the night air to howl and make all sorts of mischief.So, that explains everything, especially why your clothes have mostly vanished and you’re now hanging out in this Adult Gray Lycan Werewolf costume. That plaid shirt has practically gotten torn apart, with its jagged edges and your furry hands bursting out of the seams! That said, the deep V-neck is doing wonders for that chest hair… fur? Of course, the major hint should have been your soft foam furry mask and that terrifying moving jaw of yours. Suppose werewolves are just the way to go in these times! Now, be a good boy… please?

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