Adult Labyrinth Plus Size Ludo Costume


Look your best while you help Sarah around the Labyrinth in this exclusive Adult Labyrinth Plus Size Ludo Costume! You’ll be the best travel buddy ever!

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Gentle GiantEveryone loves a furry friend. That’s why we have to have our dogs and cats near us at any given time. It is why we watch videos of otters playing with rocks and why the idea of a fox leaping face-first into the snow has us giggling and demanding hugs. Why is that!? It is time to get the official answer from one of the most adorable, friendly, and furry friends that we’ve ever made!Let’s introduce you to the one and only Ludo! Unfortunately, he lives in the middle of a Labyrinth that is pretty tough to navigate. But, he’s started singing his rock ballad and found his way to bring the fun of fuzz to you today! How, well, all you need to do is get your hands on this Ludo costume!Design & DetailsTransform into the iconic savior from the Bog of Eternal Stench when you climb into this officially licensed Labyrinth costume. This five-piece ensemble starts with a pair of elastic pants covered in faux fur. The tunic has a satin inner lining for a comfy feel and padding covered in matching fur to give you the bulk and cuddly look of your favorite gentle giant.The gloves and boot covers are formed with molded latex and detailed with fuzz and the headpiece is designed to replicate Ludo’s look. Molded latex creates his sweet face and horns, all further accented by tufts of fur.More Labyrinth IdeasTeam up with other friends by getting a full Labyrinth group costume. When you join the Goblin King, Jerath, and Sarah on an adventure, you’re sure to turn some heads!

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