Dimwit Wig


Transform into your look with this dimwit wig. Friends and family are used to seeing you as a person of intelligence, this will show them that you know how to be dumb too!

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Tired of women going crazy over your perfectly coifed hair? Fed up with pushy modeling agents hounding you through the grocery store? Sick of girlfriends breaking up with you because your hair is better than theirs?Well, friend, we have the perfect solution for you!With our Dimwit Wig, we can guarantee that every day will be a bad hair day. It’s made of the finest 100 percent synthetic hair and features a mesh net interior for maximum comfort. With a color reminiscent of burnt pizza crust and a texture to match, this wig will definitely turn heads—in the opposite direction. Whether you’re totally rebranding your image or just dressing up as someone pretty darn dumb for a costume party, you will stand out from the crowd… in the worst way possible.(We promise that no dimwits were harmed in the making of this wig.)

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