Adult Faux Leather Cop Costume Hat


Everyone will know when you walk into the party that you mean business when you’re wearing this Adult Faux Leather Cop Costume Hat with your police costume look!

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Happens Every Time The call goes out: a robbery is underway in the neighborhood! As the first one on the scene, you fearlessly stride into the building and yell, “Freeze!” The criminal turns around and does freeze – but mostly because he’s blindsided by how amazing you look. That’s why you’re the most efficient and high-performing member of local law enforcement. Product DetailsThis Faux Leather Cop Hat for Adults is so flattering that it should be against the law! The police-inspired hat’s faux leather material is a great contrast for any hair color. The wide crown has metallic grommets at the sides for ventilation, and the curved faux patent leather bill is set off from the rest of the hat by a band of shiny faux patent leather anchored at each end by silver-tone buttons. In the Name of the Law!Add this hat to your police officer costume this year to be an unstoppable force for justice! Remember to use your authority for good. 

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