Adult Carl Latex Mask


You’ll be able to become just as old as Mr. Fredrickson is in an instant when you put on this Carl Latex Mask! This mask will be perfect to wear for your next Halloween event.

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Adventure Is out There! When you have a thirst for new experiences and an insatiable wonderlust, age is just a number. You’re just as likely to tie a million balloons to your house and take off for Paradise Falls at eighty as you are at twenty. Ellie would want you to do it – and she’d also want you to befriend the young Wilderness Explorer you find on your porch, protect an endangered bird, and adopt the talking dog who decides to make you his new owner. Product DetailsSail off on the adventure of a lifetime when you wear this officially licensed Carl Latex Mask for Adults! The molded mask covers your entire head and is has attached inner foam pads for a comfortable and precise fit. It’s shaped and colored to look like Carl Fredrickson’s face complete with gray hair, thick eyebrows, square glasses, and a mouth set in a semi-disapproving expression. The eyes contain small viewing ports so you can see where you’re going. New Friends at Any Age If you meet a dog while wearing this mask, don’t be alarmed if it talks! It probably just wants to hide under your porch because it loves you. 

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